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Dana Barber


Dana Barber: A personal journey with blindness “… it’s okay not to be able to see. It’s not a severe disability. It’s a severe annoyance. …



BHM Dads

Band of brothers: Birmingham area group connects dads “If you’re not as strong as you are, you can’t be the best for the people around …

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Hey Girl Designs

Hey Girl Designs: From raising awareness of Down syndrome to starting a business “Our whole motto that we’ve lived with since she was born is …

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Affordable Housing and Independent Living Skills

Union Village offers housing for Alabamians who are deaf, blind, or deaf-blind Featured Quote: “Your housing and your transportation are probably … your largest purchase. And …

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Caroline’s Cart

Caroline’s Cart and accessibility for individuals with special needs while shopping in store Featured Quote: “Find your people. Find people who do what you do …

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Assistive Technology

Whether low-tech or high-tech, assistive technology improves functionality for people with disabilities Featured Quote: “Assistive technology is really any device, strategy, product, or system that …

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