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Alabama Care Video Editing

Alabama Care (AC) has been broadcasting and editing audio and video content for Alabama’s disability community since 2019.
During that time, our team has honed the techniques and skills to edit your content to meet your needs and any way you see fit.

Alabama Care has the equipment and expertise to meet your content production needs – whether that involves livestreaming to services like Facebook or YouTube, filming your video content, or taking videos and editing them to your specifications.
AC’s Video and Equipment Specialist Clifton Hastings is available to give your production the care and attention it deserves.


Alabama Care has some of the best equipment available for your video filming needs and has the ability to film and record from our streaming setup with the assistance of vMix, the industry-leading livestream production software.

Our high-quality 4K Canon cameras and tripods assure that all footage – whether primary or supplemental – is sharp, stable, and unimpeded, and our best-in-class microphones assure clarity of sound. 

We offer three microphone options:

  • Lavalier microphone – These wireless mics clip to the speaker’s shirt, giving him or her the freedom to walk around any venue without constraints.
  • Wireless handheld or mounted microphones – These are standard mics that are used on a podium, at a lectern, or are passed from person to person in the audience during question-and-answer sessions.
  • Boom microphone – For smaller events, this microphone may be used in the place of a handheld mic because of its excellent sensitivity and range. It is typically set up in the center of a room for maximum coverage.

For recording purposes, the audio is then filtered through vMix.


Since its inception in 2019, Alabama Care has used the livestreaming program vMix to broadcast video content for the disability community.

This program is Alabama Care’s mainstay. It produces the highest-quality video from a filming session, has many customizable visual options for the client, and can broadcast live to multiple services – including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and other similar platforms – at once.
This software also is capable of broadcasting multiple people from different camera shots on screen simultaneously and features customizable titles and widgets to display information during a conference or broadcast.

Video Editing

AC uses industry-leading Adobe Premiere Pro to edit video content. With Premiere Pro, Clifton, our audio and video equipment specialist, can take your video content and shorten it, split it up, or combine it as well as add royalty-free music to help you stand out against your competitors!


AC posts edited videos of previous livesteams to YouTube.
This platform is an excellent option for distributing video content and is widely used around the world.


If podcasting is your format, look no further than
AC primarily uses this service to make its broadcasts available in an audio-only format for easier accessibility to those who are constantly on the go.

Video Creation

Using its video production and editing expertise, Alabama Care can help you generate your own video content to your exact specifications.
This involves at least one session to film your primary shots, supplementary shots, and any voiceover work that you may need before video editing begins:

  • Primary or main footage – These shots involve anyone who will be talking in front of the camera or anything that has audio that the client wants synchronized with the video. This footage will make up the bulk of any video.
  • Supplemental or secondary footage (B-roll) – Anyone who has watched the news has seen supplemental footage – known a B-roll in the video production industry – which is comprised of secondary, cutaway shots that are used to provide context and visual interest when telling a story.
  • Voiceover (VO) – Voiceover involves a primary speaker or narrator recording lines to tell the story of your content. This is layered on top of any B-roll and is intended to keep the viewer engaged.

Data Storage and Backup

Alabama Care uses DropBox as the primary service to compile and house source files.
Because your files will be stored on a cloud server, you won’t need to worry about a loss of data.
As the client, you will be given complete access to these source files upon request.

A Commitment to Excellence

Alabama Care strives for excellence in audio and visual quality as well as graphic design.
We are committed to catering to you, the client.
Please contact us if you have any questions about our services.
We look forward to working with and for you!

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