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Alabama Care Conferencing Services

At Alabama Care (AC), we offer a broad range of audio-visual and graphic design services to meet your event’s many production and promotional needs – whether it is in-person at a conference space or virtually via programs like Zoom and VMix.

Our past clients include Partners in Policymaking Alabama (PIPA) and the Alabama Council for Developmental Disabilities (ACDD).

Promotional and Conference Materials

Whether you need a save-the-date postcard, a promotional flier, handouts, or a full conference program, AC has the expertise to create and design all your promotional and conference materials.

Using the industry-leading layout and page design software Adobe InDesign, AC creates eye-catching materials that are print-ready and meet all the specifications to produce a high-resolution print product.


Alabama Care has some of the best equipment available for your setup and can broadcast your conference on location from our streaming platform through Zoom or with production software VMix.

We are able to use up to two cameras for shots that suit your conferencing needs.

These shots may be used to highlight the speakers who are attending your conference or to show the attendance and full room whenever there are breaks during the livestream. 

Our equipment includes high-quality tripods to assure shots are stable and unimpeded as well as high-quality microphones for clarity of sound. 

Microphone options include:

  • Lavalier microphone – These wireless mics clip to the speaker’s shirt, giving him or her the freedom to walk around the venue unconstrained.
  • Wireless handheld or mounted microphones – These are standard mics that are used at a podium or passed from person to person in the audience during question-and-answer sessions.
  • Boom microphone – For smaller events, this microphone may be used in lieu of a handheld microphone because of its sensitivity and range. It is set up in the center of a room for maximum coverage.

These microphones can be run through any audio equipment the client desires. Audio will also be filtered through VMix or Zoom for recording purposes and for individuals who join remotely.


AC uses two types of broadcasting software:

  • Zoom – Zoom is the video conferencing platform that is used most frequently by organizations. Though it does not provide high-quality video, the audio is stable and clear. Zoom is an easy choice – especially if you have guest speakers who are calling in remotely. This program also works well for individuals who may not be able to attend the event in person.
  • VMix – This program is a mainstay for Alabama Care. It produces the highest-quality video from events and features customizable visual options for the client. It is capable of broadcasting live to multiple services at once, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and more. With this program, multiple people from different camera shots can be displayed on the screen at the same time. The software also includes customizable titles and widgets to display information during a conference or broadcast.

In-Person Conference Setup

At a conference, Alabama Care will handle the full setup of audio and visual services for an event to the client’s specifications.

This includes collecting any PowerPoints that might be used during the event and connecting to projectors and audio systems.

We also will fully record the event for your post-conference referencing, archiving, and editing needs.

Virtual Conference Setup

Virtual conferences are a convenient way to bring attendees together without travel.

It also eliminates the necessity for a hotel/venue.

Virtual conferencing can be done in a few different ways with Alabama Care:

  • Zoom conference - With Zoom, a client can have attendees join the custom conference at any point and have any number of restrictions implemented to eliminate interruptions. Zoom is the simplest way to get your conference started as conveniently as possible. The conference and chat logs can be recorded for your and the attendees’ reference. Zoom also can be broadcast live to the platform of your choosing. 
  • VMix conference – VMix gives the highest production quality possible. The picture is clear, and the audio is unmatched. Although VMix does not have the ability to have attendees join the program, the program is able to broadcast to multiple platforms simultaneously. Attendees can then contribute and ask questions in chats. VMix records locally and at the highest quality possible.

Post-Conference Services

After a conference has concluded, Alabama Care can edit the content in Adobe Premiere Pro to the client’s specifications.

A conference can be split into multiple videos for each speaker.

We also can separate the audio if the client wishes to upload it to a podcasting service.

All footage is archived on the file hosting service Dropbox.

A Commitment to Excellence

Alabama Care strives for excellence in audio and visual quality as well as graphic design.

We are committed to catering to you, the client.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our services.

We look forward to working with and for you!

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