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Alabama Care Live Broadcasts

At Alabama Care, there is one key element that sets us apart from other media companies:
We produce most of our content live.  

Although a content archive is available on our website and social media platforms, we’ve found that broadcasting live yields benefits for our audience that aren’t found with other media companies, and we are proud to be able to go above and beyond what those other companies can’t or won’t do.


Alabama Care’s mission is to connect members of the disability community with each other and to the topics that matter most to them, and our live content helps us better achieve this. To provide this connection, we conduct live interviews spotlighting people with disabilities, the organizations that serve them, and government leaders whose work is relevant to the disability community.  

These live broadcasts are streamed on Facebook Live and YouTube and have two key benefits: empowering and connecting our community in ways that other media companies can’t and increasing our ability to reach more people in the disability community and positively impact more lives.


We recognize that people in the disability community often feel alone and struggle to find and access valuable information and resources. Too often, there is a disconnect between them and the services and supports that they seek. By broadcasting live interviews that feature individuals and organizations that serve the disability community, we give that community a sense of ownership over our platform.  

All of those who watch our live interviews can speak up, make their voices heard, and join in the conversation. They are empowered to say whatever they need and want to say and are able to direct the conversation and get information firsthand. How often do individuals looking for services have the opportunity to speak directly to the heads of the organizations that serve them? Not very often. But when they join us live, they have access to those individuals and information in a way that no other media company offers.  

In doing this, we bridge the gap between individuals and families and seemingly unreachable politicians and state department officials. We provide an opportunity for conversation that develops organically right in front of our audience, and they are welcome to join that conversation at any time. Through the mechanism of a live broadcast, our community can interact directly with these individuals and have their personal concerns and questions addressed.


Alabama Care is all about connection. Beyond linking individuals to resources, our live approach fosters greater connection in the sense that our audience feels they are part of our organization, part of a tribe that is working to help not only individuals but also the community at large.

In addition to this highly personal benefit, our live broadcasts also give us the power to reach far beyond our community in Alabama to a much bigger audience. If we reach more people, then we know we can change more lives for the better. When our audience members join our live broadcasts and their comments and questions are recognized and relayed from our live chat, they share the contributions they have made to the conversation and our reach is greatly increased. In doing this, they continue making the content accessible to others who might not have joined us live. Again, they feel a sense of ownership on the platform right along with us and are far more motivated to keep spreading the knowledge to the greater community. 

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