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Parents William and Laura Haas

From the beginning to long-term care 

The son or daughter can have a happy life but all the expectations that you have of them bringing home grandchildren and all this stuff is not going to happen is it you that is causing part of your own problem? – William Haas

Mr. and Mrs. Haas have been married 63 years have 3 daughters 6 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  Mr Haas is a West Point graduate and highly decorated combat veteran.  Mrs. Haas is a University of Illinois graduate and high school home economics teacher.

In this episode we talk about raising and caring for their daughter Bridget including things that helped like early intervention and how extra care had an impact on the family.

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Selected Links From This Episode


German Measles

Early symptoms of DD 

Spastic Diplegia

Cerebal palsy

Spasticity of the throat

Behavioral Modification

Social Worker

Case Worker

Community/Group Home

State Institution

Family Dynamic With DD

Partlow Institution

Respite Bed


Bridget’s Home, Inc

Show Notes


Family (:37)

Driving and you can’t see me  (2:43)

Take me from square one (4:16)

11 months (10:43)

Early Intervention  (10:59)

Gov Coverage (12:15)

That takes a long time for a parent to get there (13:38)

Overseas Doctor (15:20)

School Age  (15:56)

Moving back to hometown (21:20)

Refrigerator (22:50)

Family Life (24:55)

Pastor (26:00)

Partlow Institution (26:26)

Waiting List in Alabama (29:51)

Microboard (32:08)

Closing Notes (33:25)

Suggested Links


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