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Alabama Care

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ADAP protects, promotes, expands the rights of Alabamians with disabilities  

“A lot of folks don’t know that these (waiver) programs exist. … They’re not super highly known. There are a lot of barriers to access in terms of the leg work folks have to do to be able to even mount an application for the waivers, which is why that’s a big thing. We (at ADAP) help … get around some of those barriers to access …

Shandra Monterastelli, senior staff attorney with the Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program (ADAP) sits down with guest anchor Lane Hagan, parent advocate and the founder of Libby’s Friends, to discuss ADAP and its history, mission, and services.

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Tell us about ADAP

What is the most pressing issue faced by people with disabilities in Alabama?

Medicaid waivers

Supplemental trust and waivers and ABLE accounts

If the equipment is medically necessary, then the child is entitled to it

Number of therapists are limited on some plans

How can parents provide input to policy makers?

Accessibility and your rights

Advisory councils and public forums

Start of school and IEPs

Success stories

How can we help ADAP?

Resources mentioned in broadcast:…/6.1_HCBS_Waivers.aspx

Alabama Care is partially supported by the Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities ( The views expressed are not necessarily the views of these organizations.

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