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New housing development in Huntsville to include units for qualifying individuals with disabilities

Featured Quote: “Your housing and your transportation are probably … your largest purchase. And sometimes people with disabilities don’t have the income to support – financially support – buying a home or getting affordable housing that’s in a safe location, so you’ll see a lot of people living with other people, and there’s a large homeless rate as well.” 

Davina Patterson, executive director of Disability Resource Network

Individuals with disabilities struggle to find housing that is affordable as well as accessible. In this interview, Alabama Care Anchor Sarah Williams speaks with Disability Resource Network Executive Director Davina Patterson, Principal at Arbour Valley Development Sam Johnston, Arbour Valley Management President Stephanie Tinney, and Arbour Valley Property Manager Debra Kinder about Arbour at Moore’s Mill, a new housing development for people with disabilities in the Huntsville area.

Show links:

What does Disability Resource Network do?

How did the partnership begin?

What is the referral process?

Why is housing for people with disabilities such a big need? 

Resources mentioned in this broadcast:

Arbour Valley

Disability Resource Network

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