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Alabama Lifespan Respite offers support for full-time, unpaid caregivers

I encourage you if you are that full-time unpaid family member who is primarily responsible for the care of a loved one with chronic illness or disability – find your tribe, reach out for resources, and take a break. We don’t want you to burn out, we want you to be supported, and we want you to be a caregiver as long as you know you can.

Alabama Care anchor Sarah Williams talks with Tracy Cieniewicz, sustainability director for Alabama Lifespan Respite, about her organization’s services, including care provider training, caregiver mental health counseling, and respite reimbursement.

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What is Alabama Lifespan Respite? 

Resources offered 

New amount for respite care 

One piece of advice for caregivers 

Contact information What would you like to see more of for the disability community?

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