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STEP Clinic helps ease transition to adult health care for teens with disabilities

… any patient and family over 18 with any disease of childhood can come and see us in that clinic (STEP clinic) if they have basically any questions about transition. If they’re worried about ‘What is that process going to look like? Who are my adult providers going to be? Can I find adult providers that will care for me the way my pediatricians and my pediatric specialists took care of me?’

Alabama Care anchor Alex Bimes is joined by Virginia Rediker, transition specialist with Children’s Rehabilitation Service; Mary Roth, director of Adult Services with United Ability; and Dr. Carlie Stein Somerville, program director with UAB Medicine-Pediatrics, as they discuss the Staging Transition for Every Patient (STEP) program and preview the program’s May 7 expo at United Ability.

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