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Epilepsy Foundation of America ambassador Elaina Burt recaps her trip to EpiCon

My little cousin Charlie – she was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 1 and she’s now 5. I really got to see firsthand the devastating effects that epilepsy can have but not really just on the patient but really on the entire family as a whole and just what it took to become an overcomer every single day like Charlie does. That’s what created the passion in me – just to make a difference on I guess a bigger scale. I’ve gotten to do lots of advocacy work as an ambassador for the Epilepsy Foundation of America.

Elaina Burt – frequent Alabama Care guest anchor, founder of Charlie’s Chance, ambassador for Epilepsy Foundation of America, and family advocate for her cousin – joins Alabama Care to talk about her education and outreach at the 2022 EpiCon Convention in Nashville.

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