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Telehealth medicine reduces ER incidents and at-home care

The organization (StationMD) was born out of us seeing individuals coming to the ER, urgent care really for issues that we felt they don’t need to be in the ER for. And it was just really rough on them. Number two, we saw the trauma that family members were going through or DSPs – direct support professionals – in just getting them to the to the emergency department urgent care, and then once they were there, we really didn’t know how to care for them in the best possible way, didn’t really understand or appreciate the nuances that a family member goes through …

Dr. Maulik Trivedi, co-founder of StationMD, joins Alabama Care anchor Alex Bimes to discuss the power of telemedicine and its potential to reduce the potential for emergency room visits with virtual consultation with physicians who are trained to help the disability community.

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