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Alabama Care

Wide shot of the inside of the Everyday Sunshine Thrift Store

Decatur thrift store offers employment opportunities for people with disabilities

We met people and one of the reoccurring themes was when you age out of school at 20, 21 – when you leave school, the unemployment rate is … it goes back and forth between like 78 and, like, 82 percent if you have an intellectual disability. And one of the things that we were saying was, ‘If any other segment of society had this problem, there would be a riot. People would lose their minds. This would not stand. It just would not stand.’ “

Jeff Sharp, director and co-founder of the Everyday Sunshine Thrift Store in Decatur, chats with AC lead anchor Alex Bimes about the nonprofit’s mission to create a space where people with disabilities can gain job skills and confidence, capitalize on their strengths, and realize their potential.

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