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Zarius Walker – out of his wheelchair – does a handstand while a man looks on.

Walker turns disability into ability

“I said, ‘Well, I can’t play football,’ I said, ‘so I’m gonna pick up me some weights.’ I said almost, ‘I’m gonna show that I’m strong in another way.’ So, I started picking up weights, … off a whim. I had no training, no parental supervision, nothing. I picked up an eight pound and a 10 pound. I picked up eight pounds because my right hand was weaker than my left. … My focus was to build my right hand so I could match my left. Once I got that down pat, I just used to shut the door and I used to go to work. I would come up with whole exercise regimens and stuff like that. Over time, I became known as ‘the buff guy that’s in the wheelchair.’ “

Zarius Walker – amateur bodybuilder, disability rights advocate, and motivational speaker – joins Alabama Care to talk about his journey with cerebral palsy.

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