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Union Village offers housing for Alabamians who are deaf, blind, or deaf-blind

Featured Quote: “We (Presbyterian Home for Children) saw ourselves in a situation of being able to solve a big problem. And that is housing with full wraparound program supports for the blind and deaf and deaf-blind by partnering again with our neighbors, our friends – AIDB. I’m the most excited because together we’re able to do something that we could not do separately.”

Doug Marshall, president of the Presbyterian Home for Children

A joint venture between the Presbyterian Home for Children (PHFC) and the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind (AIDB), Union Village in Talladega offers affordable, safe, secure, and accessible housing for people who are blind, deaf and deaf-blind.

In this interview, Alabama Care Anchor Alex Bimes talks with PHFC President Doug Marshall, AIDB Talladega Regional Center Director Donte Little, and Union Village residents Barbara Price and Jacob Simon about the uniqueness of Union Village, the services available there through AIDB, and the importance of accessible and affordable housing for people with disabilities.

Resources mentioned in this broadcast:

Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind

Presbyterian Home for Children

Union Village

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