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Unless U promotes independence for adults with developmental disabilities

Featured Quote: “All of our students live at home. And most of them will continue to live there. How can we help our parents and take care of things that we’re able to do? And she (a parent) was, like, ‘You’re never going to believe what he did this weekend.’ … ‘He did all of his laundry because he said that Ms. Meredith said we should be helping our parents do that.’ ”

Meredith Binkley, Unless U program director

Founded in 2014, Unless U is the brainchild of Lindy Cleveland, whose older brother Jordan has Down syndrome. The organization – which began with six students gathered around a kitchen table at Cleveland’s parents’ house – now offers continuing education to more than 100 adults with special needs.

In this interview, Marye Grace Sauermann, Unless U marketing and development coordinator and Meredith Binkley, Unless U program director, join Alabama Care Anchor Alex Bimes to the history, mission, and programs and services of Unless U, an organization serving adults with developmental disabilities and their families through continuing education, job training, and life and social skills in a setting that promotes independence.

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