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Medicaid waivers and how they serve children with special needs

“CMS (Center for Medicaid Services) has been very forward-thinking in some of their changes they’ve made to programs, and that’s great news. And giving us more opportunity to be creative and how we can best serve everybody.”

Alabama Medicaid Deputy Commissioner Ginger Wettingfeld joins guest anchor Lane Hagan – father of a child with special health care needs and founder of Libby’s Friends – to answer his questions about the purpose, eligibility criteria, and services available through Medicaid waivers.

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What are waivers?

E and D waiver

Transition programs

Medically necessary items

Parent panel

Nonfinancial-based waiver  

Medicaid as secondary insurance

Reimbursement rates

Diaper coverage

Bath equipment


Day program and community program

Expand Medicaid

Cranial-forming helmets

Public health emergency announcement

Transparency in Medicaid

Medicaid inquiry

Transit services

Dental care

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